NOTE – For this application you will need a password. Please contact DARTS at 905-529-1717 for your password. Only DARTS passengers and authorized caregivers will be issued passwords.

Step 1: Enter your Client ID Number in the Client ID Box
Step 2: Enter your 5 digit password in the Password Box
Step 3: Click the Login Button

After you login, you are at the home page which will allow you to do the following:

My Profile – Allows you to review your profile information

Sign Out – Logs you out of the site

Trips – Allows you to view trips that are already booked in a calendar format

Book Trip – This is where you will create a new booking

General Info – This is where you can get information on the DARTS service

Feedback – This form is to provide feedback to DARTS Transit and is not intended for trip planning purposes or address changes.

Help – Provides users with definitions for common terms used in this application

To Book A Trip

Click on the Book Trip tab on the left side of the page.

Step 1: If you want to book a trip that you have recently travelled to in the past, you can select the address from the drop-down menu under “Book Again

Click on one of the presented options, as seen below, to select it.

Step 2 : If you do not select from the “Book Again” option, you must select your pick up address under “Pick Up Details

You can either click the box “Pick Up Address” and select from the drop-down menu or type the pick up address manually in the box.

Step 3: Under “Drop Off Details” you must enter your destination address.

You can either click the box “Drop Off Address” and select from the drop-down menu or type the drop off address manually in the box.

Step 4: Click on the box under “Trip Date” and select the date of travel from the drop-down list.

If you do not have an appointment time, ensure that “Pick me up at” is selected under “Trip Type”. Then enter the time of pick up requested under the “Pick a time” drop-down menu.

If you do have an appointment, click on the box under “Trip Type” and select “My appointment time is”. Then enter the time of your appointment under the “Pick a time” drop-down menu.

Step 5: To book a return ride, click off the box beside “Return trip” and pick the time for your return using the drop-down menu under “Pick a time

Step 6: Trip Options

NOTE: If you require additional mobility aids other than the list below, you must call 905-529-1717 Option 0 to have the mobility aid registered to your profile.

Step 7: Additional Passengers

If you are travelling with one additional passenger, click on the “Add Passenger” tab. A new window will open up.

Under “What kind of passenger” drop-down menu, select the type of passenger that will be travelling with you.

Under “Will they have special equipment” drop-down menu, select the type of mobility device that your companion will be travelling with.

When completed, click “Add passenger”.

Step 8: You are now ready to book your trip! Click on “Book Trip”.