HSR Notice

HSR is ending sales of paper tickets and passes on October 31, 2020. However, ATS/DARTS customers will still be able to purchase tickets for a limited time for use on DARTS only, from the HSR Customer Service Centre (36 Hunter St.), or by mail from Accessible Transportation Services (ATS). DARTS Seniors tickets will also be available to purchase from DARTS drivers. If you ride often, the best option is to purchase a Student, Adult, or Senior monthly pass on a PRESTO card. Since a card reader is not on the vehicles, you will need to call ATS (905-529-1212 ext. 3) each time you purchase a monthly pass and provide them with your PRESTO card number. Staff will confirm the purchase of the monthly pass, and update your client profile so that you will not incur any additional charges. Call Accessible Transportation Services at 905-529-1212 and press 3 to speak with them about your DARTS payment options.