Cancellation Policies

We encourage users to keep the number of cancellations to a minimum. Excessive cancellations are wasteful. If the cancellation is unavoidable, remember to call us as soon as possible if you are not going to use your ride.
Your considerations will free up this space for another passenger who is on the waiting list.

To cancel a trip call 905-529-1717 and Press 7

Policy Conditions

The policy applies to any DARTS passenger who exceeds one or more of the following conditions in a calendar month period.

  1. Maximum 6 late cancellations
  2. Maximum 3 no shows
  3. Maximum 7 combined late cancellations and no shows
  4. Maximum of 25% of subscription and/or casual booking trips cancelled

Cancellations and no shows are recorded on a single one-way basis. A cancelled round trip is two trip cancellations, and a no show may be recorded for each of the two trips in a round trip is the passenger is not in contact with DARTS.

No Show Policy and Suspension

A passenger who regularly fails to notify DARTS if they are not using a ride, or a passenger who is not at the pick up location repeatedly, may have their DARTS service suspended by Accessible Transportation Services (ATS), City of Hamilton.