Snow Day Policies

The DARTS approach to Snow Days is largely a balancing act between providing for the needs of the traveling public with ensuring passenger and driver safety.

When driving becomes treacherous and passengers pick-up and drop-off points become inaccessible due to heavy snowfall, there is always a chance that passengers or drivers will sustain injuries from accidents from pushing (or being pushed in) a wheelchair through heavy snow.

DARTS must also act to prevent work refusals as authorized by the Ministry of Labour because of unsafe work conditions.

Therefore, on the day of service, management staff will review the weather conditions based on the above requirements throughout the day beginning at 5:00 AM.

When a snow day is called and the service is open, all further outbound trips will then be cancelled and DARTS will remain in operation as long as possible to pick-up home bound passengers to ensure that, if possible, no one is left stranded away from home.

When a snow day is called and the service is closed, DARTS will remain closed and advertise the closure through the media and on the DARTS website.

DARTS will reopen service on the next day of clear weather where there is a high probability that passengers will be accessible for pick-up and drop-off without injury to themselves or DARTS employees.

For Dialysis Passengers Only

When DARTS service is suspended due to inclement weather, DARTS has instructed its Taxi subcontractor to honour DARTS Tickets as payment for the full metered fare for Taxi trips to and from Dialysis Appointments only.

Because of the unplanned nature of a snow day, Dialysis patients taking advantage of this provision, must make their own arrangements with Vets/Hamilton Cab for transportation to and from Dialysis Appointments.